Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL 3.3 (2024)

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The Adipower Multiweight CTRL 3.3 marks a milestone in padel with its innovative technology designed for decisive players like Álex Ruiz. It incorporates the Weight & Balance System, allowing you to adjust the weight and balance to adapt to a control or attack style. The Dual Exoskeleton technology provides a double insertion of carbon ribs in the heart, while the Power Embossed Ridge reinforces the frame of the racket. Eva High Memory inside offers maximum rigidity. The Carbon 18K surface provides unparalleled power in every shot. Power and control, united in a single grip. The textured spin blade finish provides enhanced spin. This racket would suit an advanced/pro level player.


A system of six screws that allow you to vary the weight and balance of the racket depending on the demands of each match. The 6 weights add up to a total of 12 grams. You will be able to access this new technology in a very simple way with a specifically designed keyring with Allen tip so that you can always carry it with you. Leaving the weights on, the balance of your Adipower Multiweight will be in the top side part of the racket. This will mainly provide more POWER. If you remove the weights, you will be able to reduce the weight and lower the balance. Thus, this will put the balance closer to the core of the racket providing more CONTROL.


Shape Round
Weight 355-365g Customisable   (0 + 9,1g)
Balance Even
Carbon 18K
Rubber EVA High Memory
Player Level Advanced/Pro

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