Adidas Metalbone 3.3 (2024)

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Elevate your game with Ale Galán's new racket - the Metalbone 3.3. The combination of Carbon Aluminized 2 T0 1 on the surface and Eva Soft Performance in the core of the racket solidifies its hardness without sacrificing the best comfort. The Octagonal Structure technology adds an extra point of rigidity to the heart and frame of the racket. Before playing, adjust its weight and balance with the Weight & Balance System, allowing for strategic decision-making. The Spin Blade surface is synonymous with surprising effects thanks to its octagonal roughness distributed across the entire surface. This racket would suit an advanced/pro level player. 

The Adidas Metalbone range of rackets is characterised by two key technologies:

WEIGHT & BALANCE SYSTEM: a system of 6 screws of different weights in the heart of the racket. Using a specific key that comes with the racket, the weight and balance of the racket can be varied depending on the needs of each match. The weight of your Metalbone racket can be varied by up to 12 grams. Removing screws at the bottom of the racket will decrease the weight and raise the balance of the racket up to a max of 1.5cm. This technology is exclusively available on Adidas Metalbone Pro Range models such as this Metalbone 3.2.

OCTAGONAL STRUCTURE: an exclusive octagonal design providing rigidity to the structure of the racket. Ideal for those with an aggressive style of play


Shape Diamond Oversize
Weight 345-360g Customisable (+0-12g)
Balance Head Heavy
Carbon Aluminized 2 to 1
Rubber EVA Soft Performance
Player Level Advanced/Pro


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