Adidas Rx Series Light (2024)

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The Adidas Rx Series Light is new for 2024. Lightness is the main differentiating factor of this intermediate-level racket, but not the only one. Its lower weight improves manoeuvrability, and its technologies and materials make it a racket designed to dominate the court. The Structural Power consists of a carbon fiber insertion in the bridge that enhances rigidity for more powerful shots. The combination of EVA Soft Performance and Fiber Glass reinforces this sense of comfort and provides a surprising ball exit. The Smart Holes Lineal optimally arranges the holes on the racket for improved durability. This racket would suit an improver/intermediate level player.


Shape Round
Weight 345-360g
Balance Even
Fibre Fibre Glass
Rubber EVA Soft Performance
Player Level Improver/Intermediate

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