Bullpadel Ionic Light 24

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The IONIC LIGHT stands out for its manageability and effectiveness. It has a hybrid form with medium balance and features the new XForce system. It is designed for advanced players who are looking for a lightweight, manageable racket.

Its external core is finished with Glaphite, a braid specially developed by Bullpadel that mixes elastic fibreglass with other carbon fibres to produce a comfortable feel whilst also remaining sufficiently reactive for those that seek a high-speed game.
The internal core is made from MultiEva, and its frame from 100% carbon fibre CarbonTube. It incorporates a rough 3D Grain surface with a polygonal form which offers high grip when the ball comes into contact with the racket, creating greater impact on the ball.

This racket would suit an intermediate+ player looking for a quality, lighter weight racket with a balance of control and power. The IONIC LIGHT will help you stand out from the crowd with its striking design. 


Shape Hybrid
Weight 350-360g
Balance Even
Frame CarbonTube (100% Carbon)
Surface Glaphite
Rubber MultiEva
Player Level Intermediate/Advanced


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