Head Extreme One (2023)

Sale price£210.00


Introducing the groundbreaking EXTREME ONE padel racket, the lightest and toughest racquet in the EXTREME line. Featuring a cutting-edge 12K carbon hitting surface for enhanced durability, this racquet is crafted from a novel diamond-shaped mold. Its design combines lightweight construction with powerful aerodynamics, ensuring consistent spin during gameplay. The innovative Auxetic technology boosts power and provides a remarkable impact sensation, while the Soft Butt Cap technology offers a cushioned playing experience by reducing vibrations. Not only does the EXTREME ONE deliver top-notch performance, but it also boasts a sophisticated original design with a sleek glossy and matte finish. The racket also benefits from Extreme Spin technology, a rough 3D decal technology on the surface that maximises the spin and traction on the ball.


Shape Diamond
Weight 345g
Surface 12K Carbon
Power Foam
Player Level Advanced

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