Head Radical Elite (2024)

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Introducing the RADICAL ELITE padel racket: Incorporating a novel teardrop-shaped design and crafted using an innovative mold, the RADICAL ELITE padel racket caters to the needs of intermediate and advanced players seeking radical control on the court. With a well-balanced construction, this racket promotes a precise and controlled style of play. The fiberglass material on the striking surface enhances the feel, providing players with a gentle touch and effortless power. Featuring cutting-edge Auxetic technology, this racquet amplifies power delivery and offers an extraordinary impact sensation during gameplay. Additionally, the incorporation of Soft Butt Cap technology ensures a more cushioned playing experience, effectively reducing vibrations. Not only does the RADICAL ELITE excel in performance, but its exclusive and vibrant design guarantees that you stand out when you set foot on any court, making a bold statement with every swing.


Shape Teardrop
Weight 365g
Surface Fiberglass
Control Foam
Player Level Intermediate/Advanced

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