Head Speed Motion (2023)

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Discover your competitive advantage by playing a fraction quicker with the dynamic SPEED MOTION. Benefit from aggressive speed using the most lightweight racket in the range. Supported by none other than WPT Pro Ari Sanchez, the racket delivers a blend of power and precision. Seasoned players can effortlessly diversify their game with a racket featuring a unique teardrop shape, now equipped with cutting-edge Auxetic technology for added potency and remarkable feel. Boasting a hybrid hitting surface crafted from interwoven carbon and fiberglass, the SPEED MOTION introduces a fresh Soft Butt Cap, elevating the sensation and finesse of each shot. Infused with copper accents, the design exudes a contemporary, one-of-a-kind allure.


Shape Teardrop
Weight 360g
Surface Carbon/Fiberglass
Power Foam
Player Level Advanced

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