RS Prime Control Edition 2.0 (2023)

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Introducing Prime Control Edition 2.0, the latest iteration of the original Prime Power racket. With a unique design featuring a twisted aluminised 3k carbon fiber layer on the surface, this racket disperses vibrations evenly across the entire area upon impact with the ball. The core is crafted from EVA rubber, enhancing the striking sensation with a catapult effect. Additionally, the frame is constructed from lightweight woven Japanese fiberglass, providing the racket with a more flexible and gentle demeanor.

Comparatively, Prime Control Edition 2.0 offers a slightly softer touch than its counterpart in the Prime series, Prime Power Edition 2.0.


Shape Teardrop
Weight 360-370g
Balance Even
Frame Carbon Flex
Surface 3K Carbon
Rubber EVA Rubber Soft
Player Level Intermediate - Pro

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