RS Rialto Pro Caye (2023)

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The Rialto Pro Caye comes with lots of new features, resulting in this being the most advanced racket produced by RS to date. A teardrop shape and large sweetspot help this racket to be suitable for both intermediate and advanced professional players. The racket offers high levels of spin creation due to being equipped with both a 3D pattern as well as the company's own grid lock technology (a grid pattern that is somewhat raised from the racket’s surface). The racket benefits from a high quality, stylish finish.

Other technology:

RS Stable Driver: optimal reduction of any negative effect on the shots that don’t hit the middle of the sweet spot.

Radial Tight Hole Production: distributes the racket's properties over a significantly larger surface of the racket's hitting surface than traditional rackets, increasing power and feel.

RS always recommends using a frame protector


Shape Teardrop
Weight 365 +/- 10 g
Balance Even
Frame 100% Carbon
Surface 3K Aluminized Carbon
Rubber RS EVA Pro Rubber Soft
Player Level Intermediate - Pro

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