Adidas Adipower Team (2023)

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The new Adipower Team brings together the best of the Adipower family offering great performance. The combination of EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber and FIBER GLASS surface provides extreme comfort. The SPIN BLADE technology in sand format will allow you to grip and have a better ball feel. In addition, thanks to the Structural Reinforcement technology, the entire frame of the racket is reinforced with carbon fibers to prevent damage and torsion. The DUAL EXOSKELETON technology covers the heart of the racket with carbon fibers, providing a great rigidity that translates into huge power. The roughness of the SPIN BLADE technology allows enormous access to spin on all your shots. The high sweet spot offers extra power for certain shots such as the smash. The racket's diamond oversize shape will increase the reception area, obtaining a substantial increase in power and an important improvement in getting balls off-center.


Shape Diamond Oversize
Weight 360-375g
Balance Head Heavy
Frame Carbon
Surface Fiber Glass
Rubber EVA Soft Performance
Player Level Intermediate/Advanced

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