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Adidas Match Light 3.2 (2023)

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The new Match Light 3.2 has all the features to offer a successful start in the game of padel.  The large hitting area will help you to connect all your shots. The EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber combined with the fiberglass surface provides the best combination for a great ball output and comfort on every shot. The design of the rackets with the weight slightly oriented towards the top helps to achieve an increase in power so that you can enjoy your attacking shots from the first game. The racket incorporates STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT technology so that no matter how hard you play, your racket will support the intensity of your game. This is a lighter version of the Adidas Match 3.2 racket.


Shape Teardrop (Allround)
Weight 345-360g
Balance Slightly head heavy
Frame Fibre Glass
Surface Fibre Glass
Rubber EVA Soft Performance
Player Level Beginner/Improver