Bullpadel Neuron 24

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The new Neuron is a hybrid form racket with the ability to speed up the ball. It is designed for professional or advanced players.

It incorporates two new frame concepts: a Neuron core with a trasversing bridge that provides stability to avoid twisting; the Wave side profile that consists of a frame with a wave form that dissipates vibrations and reduces racket flexion upon hitting. Easy acceleration with little effort.

The external core is made from Xtend Carbon 12k carbon, its internal core from the new MultiEva rubber, and its frame from 100% carbon fibre CarbonTube. It offers a Vibradrive system for absorption of vibrations. It also has a Hesacore grip that reduces effort, vibrations, and the probability of injury.

This racket would suit an advanced+ level player looking for a performance racket with power and control in equal measure.

Shape Hybrid
Weight 365-375g
Balance Even
Frame CarbonTube (100% Carbon)
Surface Xtend Carbon 12K
Rubber MultiEva
Player Level Advanced/Pro

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