RS Pro Edition - Simon Vasquez (2023)

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Simon Vasquez's preferred choice and one of the RS top rackets, this pro level racket has an extended grip by 1 cm, providing a better reach and increased force during overhead play. This racquet is ideal for players executing a two-handed backhand, especially during return shots. The frame profile, known as "Dynamic Hex," enhances the racquet's manoeuvrability. The Axis Force stabiliser located in the neck of the racquet offers exceptional stability, reducing vibrations upon ball impact. Inside the core of the racquet lies an adaptive EVA material that enlarges the sweet spot, compensating for off-centre strikes. The "Power Holes" design features smaller holes at the centre of the racquet face and larger ones towards the frame, improving stability and expanding the sweet spot. The racquet face is constructed with aluminized 12k carbon fiber and adorned with 3D embossed RS logos, enhancing grip and spin capabilities.


Shape Hybrid Teardrop/Diamond
Weight 360-375g
Balance High
Frame Carbon
Surface 12K Carbon
Rubber RS EVA Pro Rubber Soft
Player Level Advanced/Pro

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